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Painted Minis - Complex character
Painted Mini Commissions OPEN paypal/points by empiredog
HM: Ewwww BOES! by empiredog
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Painted mini of a Complex Character. (complex character design, please note me before paying, or for paypal option.)
Painted Minis -simple character
Painted Mini Commissions OPEN paypal/points by empiredog
HM: Ewwww BOES! by empiredog
Koiv by empiredog
Painted mini of 1 simple character. (please note me before paying, or for paypal option.)
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So being the fantastic procrastinator I am, I have to design a rough game to be playtested by saturday for a class. All I've figured out right now is that I want it to be a card-based game and possibly Krosfox themed. Other than that I have no idea for the rules haha,  but i want it to maybe incorporate choice options like those choose and adventure stories and also nice art cards with descriptive uses or later uses so it can be a sortof strategy game. Problem being is that i need to get the rules  and some rough paper drawn cards ready for class. I'm also debating adding a play board kinda like one of the area maps or as a cross cut of Labyrinth City or as a maze? Hunters will be included as either cards or encountered monsters so I'll need to add that somehow. Either with marked locations on the map or via random event cards. But that might take out the strategy and make it just a luck game to gain tails and junk. So if anyone has any ideas that I can fudge toghether into  a game to playtest tomorrow let me know haha. Eitherway if the game turns out nice, since i'll eventually need to make a finished version with play pieces and looking like a real game board, i might post it on da.

I'm debating having a "cast" of characters a player can pick from, each with set affinities, maybe 1 character per affinity, and then also adding cards for their tailed forms. maybe like a figure where a card representing the tails can be added to a slot, but i dont need to be that far yet as for figures.

So Primary Affinities are : Fire, Water, Air, Earth
Secondary : electricity, ice, sand, metal, wood/plant, sound, illusion
Tertiary: ink/paint, paper, poison, glass, darkness, light, smoke, blood, phasing.

Im thinking to make each character have stats depending on their affinities, all will have say 5 hp to start and gain 2 per tail. Then say with fire, which is considered and offensive affinity, it would have a + for atk, which deals more damage to enemies, but they have lower defense. While a smoke or darkness affinity fox would have a + to Agi or Def, but a - on atk.

Then there would be beads as well,

Red would negate 1 attack by a mob and then shatter, blue would negate 2, turning to red after 1 use, and then white beads would be awarded after "boss" fights, such as battling Giza, hunters like leviathan or gaining a good amount of artifacts.

Those could be represented as colored chips, artifacts as like some key shaped chip. Say 10 artifacts would gain a white bead and a few colored.

Elder cards could also be found and used later on in fights, such as a Ainu assist card, where a player can use him in a fight with his own stats and abilities.

Im just gonna legit make it sorta like pokemon/monopoly ha.

I'm so bad at this class and this teacher grades hard XD

So like perhaps its a general map or a description card for the area, then to progress they need to gain a set of artifacts and get stronger to keep going up the tower. Each level would have a boss to defeat, and players could use any cards they gained from encounter/random draw cards to their benefit. I'd keep bad cards to a minimum unless they land on like red spots or something.

As of now i can just draw quick boards in a notebook to use and make like notecards for the cards.

wee gamedesign how do.

Would anyone be interested in discount commissions? 

4 deviants said Like Im doing the character design advent calendar stuff for $15 when i normally charge 25
2 deviants said and i was thinking of doing headshots and minis for around 15 each
1 deviant said headshots would be painted
1 deviant said minis would be simple shaded
1 deviant said maybe with holliday themes?

Art Status: COMMISSIONS OPEN! See below.


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